How To Pierce The Veil 101

How To Pierce The Veil 101

HT-PTV101 This is the doctrinal foundations, which are so needed before you move on to HT-PTV201 and HT-PTV301. Due to the extremely powerful nature of the information in 301, we cannot allow anyone to view it unless they first have seen 101 and passed the test for 201.

In 101, we take you on a tour of the picture the bible paints of the supernatural nature of a committed disciple. The aim is to set the doctrinal foundations, and set them sturdy, to hold the weight of the challenging things you will hear in HT-PTV201 and HT-PTV301.

A few of the topics covered in HT-PTV101:

- The overlooked supernatural/mystical nature of biblical Christianity.
- What does it literally, and specifically, take to be saved - and, how we can know for sure we are.
- What IS salvation anyway? Is it a mental consent to biblical doctrines ABOUT Jesus or it is some kind of literal possession by a Spirit Being?
- What are the 'gifts of the Spirit' and how can we know which ones we have?
- The difference between operating in gifts and out of a relationship with God, the Spirit.
- Why the Bible says God is not in total control in the earth, and the responsibility we have to Him, and the citizens of earth.
- and more....

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How To Pierce The Veil 101

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